31 minutes on Namma Metro

Here is my first-hand experience of NammaMetro on the first day after the launch of the complete reach 1. To my disappointment, the gates were open for public only from evening 4 PM, but it didn’t stop me from giving it a shot for a one way trip from Indiranagar to Jayanagar.

I am one of those travelers who makes use of both Green & Purple lines for my journey with an interchange at Majestic metro station. For my luck, it was less crowded from Indiranagar to Majestic since it is the route available for long and saw the most co-passengers at the Majestic station who wanted to try the newly opened Green line. The metro was welcomed by hundreds of flashes and countless smiles who were relieved of the traffic hassles.

My journey started at 5:30 PM from Indiranagar station which is just a 5-minute walk from my work jnaapti. I was excited about this for almost a month and had my metro card ready almost a week before. The fare-chart showed ₹38 to Jayanagar station. Got my seat in the first coach after boarding the metro from the 2nd platform and it took 16 minutes for me to reach Majestic station. The metro to Jayanagar was leaving from the 4th platform which dropped me off at the Jayanagar station at sharp 6:01 PM.

The canopy on green-line makes it a best fit for the name and the 15% concession for using the metro card came as a surprise when I saw ₹32.3 being deducted while exiting. 31 minutes from Indiranagar to Jayanagar is a boon for any commuter and kudos to NammaMetro team for this amazing gift to citizens of Bengaluru.

Quick tips:

  • Catch the last coach from Indiranagar if you are traveling to Jayanagar, since the way to platform 4 at Majestic station is towards the end of the platform
  • Get a metro card which can save your time standing in queue for token and grab the 15% discount on each travel
  • You can top-up the card online, making it a complete cashless travel