Ticket to Gokarna: The hidden paradise

It seemed almost like a century since I have backpacked and typed a new story in this book of tickets. It was that time of the year again, where I complete another revolution around the sun and keep the promise of watching the sunrise from yet another new place.

Ticket to Alleppey

For many of us when we hear the name Kerala, the pictures that come in front of our eyes are Coconut tree lines, Kathakali, Beach, Boats and of course Fish. Though it is my home state, I must say I haven’t really explored it enough. The last couple of months had been a lot of… Continue reading Ticket to Alleppey

Ticket to Badami

Looks like the year for 2019 has a lot in store for me. After my trip to Hampi, the urge to visit Badami had grown stronger. To see this place which inspired the architectural marvels all throughout the south. However, I had not imagined that my wish would be granted so soon. A weekend was… Continue reading Ticket to Badami

Ticket to Ladakh

We all have that one destination, that one trip with a group of friends, family or even a solo-trip which takes years to accomplish. While a solo-trip usually gets worked out earlier (most of my trips happened this way), a group takes a longer for everyone to get convinced. Every time we cousins meet for… Continue reading Ticket to Ladakh

Ticket to Hampi

From all the history lessons that I have taken, the name that has remained in my mind for long is Hampi. The description of its wealth and the vastness had always pulled me towards itself. Every time I see a picture of monuments from Hampi, the dream of visiting the place grew stronger. Strange yet,… Continue reading Ticket to Hampi

Ticket to Thanjavur

From the travel experiences that I had in the past, I have always found that tall mountains and gigantic architectures have mesmerized me often. They always show me how small I am in front of them and how even smaller my problems are. One such place I always wanted to visit was Thanjavur. While I… Continue reading Ticket to Thanjavur

Ticket to Bhutan

This is a third year-end trip that I have taken with my school friends. Since this story is going to be a longer one, keep a cup of coffee/chai and some munchies handy. Our procrastinating mind always leads us to make the same mistakes again and many of them happen during the travel plans. After… Continue reading Ticket to Bhutan